There are different types of depressive disorders. Symptoms can range from relatively minor to very severe. Major depression is sometimes called a major depressive disorder, clinical depression, unipolar depression, or simply ‘depression’.

In its mildest form, depression can mean just being in low energy and a lack of motivation. It doesn’t stop you from leading your normal life but makes everything harder to do and efforts seem less worthwhile. At its most severe, depression can be life-threatening because it can make you feel suicidal.

We all have times when our mood is low, and we’re feeling sad or miserable about life. Usually, these feelings pass in time.
But, if the feelings are interfering with your life and don’t go away after a couple of weeks, or if they come back over and over again, it could be a sign that you’re experiencing depression.


Common symptoms of depression include:

  • feeling down, upset or tearful
  • feeling restless, agitated, or irritable
  • feeling guilty and worthless
  • feeling empty and numb
  • avoiding social events and activities you usually enjoy
  • using more tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs than usual
  • self-harming or suicidal behaviour
  • feeling isolated and unable to relate to other people
  • finding no pleasure in life or things you usually enjoy
  • low self-confidence or self-esteem
  • feeling hopeless and despairing
  • difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much
  • the ongoing feeling of tiredness and lack of energy
  • feeling suicidal

Depression can be a part of several mental health problems, such as bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder (BPD) and other personality disorders, or schizoaffective disorder. It is always a good idea to see your GP if you are experiencing depression to find out if your depression needs to be treated with medication.

HOWEVER, often depression can be treated by implementing simple practical steps that you can employ on a daily basis.

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