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Overwhelmed by daily tasks? Everyone needs help sometimes

Even the best of us can feel swamped with the daily grind. Unfortunately, you can’t put life on pause. There will always be dishes piling up, laundry mounting, and errand lists getting longer by the day. It’s a cycle that can make anyone feel like they’re constantly playing catch-up.

Reaching out for support can let you breathe and focus on what truly matters. It isn’t a white flag of surrender – and it doesn’t mean losing your independence. Embracing help is a showcase of your strength and determination to live your best life. Enjoy a lighter load and brighter days by getting the assistance that you need.

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A young woman with Down syndrome engaging in daily living activities with the assistance of an NDIS daily activities provider, preparing a meal together in a modern kitchen.

Experience care that works around YOUR life, not the other way around

In a world that often expects you to fit a certain mould, finding care that genuinely understands your unique needs is like a breath of fresh air. We get it, wading through rigid schedules can feel frustrating. After all, when it comes to assistance, there is no ‘one size fits all’.

The right support system not only recognises but celebrates your individuality. It’s care that shifts to fit into your life, not the other way around. So, if you’ve ever felt boxed in or misunderstood, know that there is a world of personalised, adaptable care waiting for you. Let’s find it together.

A joyful therapy session captured as a young man with cerebral palsy receives a gift from his NDIS support worker, both sharing a moment of laughter in a bright room.

Find help you can always count on

It can be nerve-wracking to sit idly, wondering if help will arrive on time – or at all. Surely, it can turn even the best of days, sour. Thankfully, you won’t have to feel this type of anxiety ever again.

You deserve a support system that arrives when promised. It should adjust as your day does, and offer not just assistance but a guarantee of relief. Enjoy the calm that comes from knowing you’re covered, each and every time. Let’s make peace of mind a given, not a luxury.

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T. Rose
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“Raj is a great worker, friend, and companion. She goes above and beyond to do anything to help. She is the sweetest and kindest person you know.”
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“I have an excellent experience with elvesCARE providing care for my high-needs son. All the support workers are respectful, skilled to his needs, and very compassionate."
M. Stuart
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“Awesome NDIS provider. Very professional, honest, friendly, and compassionate support workers. They always go above and beyond the needs. Office keeps in touch and gets feedback and makes sure my needs are always met."
An young boy in a wheelchair performing strength training with dumbbells outdoors, as part of his NDIS daily activities to promote physical health and well-being.

What’s included in the NDIS assistance with daily personal activities program?

The NDIS assistance with daily personal activities program is designed to meet you where you are. Everyone’s different, so support can look like:

An engaging session between a support worker and a young woman with Down syndrome, focusing on learning activities as part of their NDIS daily activities.

Accept the help that doesn’t sacrifice your privacy

It is normal to feel vulnerable. Letting someone in, not just into your home but into your daily life, is overwhelming. It can feel like your private world is being turned inside out.

The best kind of help respects your boundaries, prioritises your comfort, and assists you without overstepping. Remember, you can feel supported and respected. You don’t have to choose one over the other.

NDIS Daily Activities

Free up your time to enjoy the things that matter most

Face daily tasks head-on with a little help

Daily life doesn’t have to feel like a solo battle. You don’t have to take it all on by yourself. Having a bit of help to share the load can transform your daily to-do list into something manageable, even enjoyable.

Connect with a carer

Tell us what you need and one of our elves will help you get the support you need.

10 Common Questions about NDIS Daily Activities Program

What types of support can I access under my NDIS plan for assistance with daily life?

Your NDIS plan can open doors to various types of support that are reasonable and necessary for your independence. It can give you a hand with everyday activities, like getting dressed, preparing meals, and keeping your living space comfortable and organised. Beyond the home, support can extend to community participation, ensuring you stay connected and active. The NDIS is there to support your independence, with the help that perfectly fits your unique needs and goals.

Things change, and that’s okay. Your NDIS plan can change with you. The key is talking it out clearly at your planning meetings. Be open about your concerns and what ‘flexibility’ means for you. If your condition or lifestyle changes, your NDIS plan can be reviewed to adjust the type of support and funding accordingly.

It’s also wise to select service providers who can adjust to your changing needs, helping you grow and learn new things, all while fitting perfectly into your daily routine.

Absolutely. You get to choose who helps you Feel free to select who comes into your space and how they support you with personal activities. It’s about fostering a relationship with support workers who respect your way of life and understand the unique ways you navigate your world. When choosing your providers, consider how well they listen to you and how willing they are to fit their assistance snugly into your daily routine.

If your shoes don’t fit, you change them. And the same goes for your NDIS support. If it’s not meeting your needs, it’s time to speak up. Start by discussing your concerns with your current providers. If nothing changes, you may contact your NDIS planner or coordinator to discuss a plan review. Remember, your support should be as dynamic as your life, and your satisfaction is key to a successful partnership with the NDIS.

Think of your support budget as your personal toolkit. To make the most of it, you need to understand the different support categories – and how they align with your goals. Work closely with your plan manager or financial advisor to track your spending and assess if it’s in sync with your aspirations.

It’s also helpful to periodically review your plan to ensure your funds are being used in the most impactful way, allowing you to thrive in your daily activities and community life.

Your NDIS funds for assistance with daily living are there to facilitate your independence and contribute to your quality of life. However, they must be used for supports that are directly related to your disability and are deemed ‘reasonable and necessary.’ This means they should assist you in achieving your goals, offer value for money, and not include day-to-day expenses unrelated to your disability support needs.

To include personal care in your NDIS plan, you’ll need to express this need in your planning meeting. Discuss how your disability affects your ability to perform personal activities and how assistance can help you be more independent. Providing evidence of your needs, such as reports from health professionals, can strengthen your case for including personal care in your plan. This upfront conversation ensures your NDIS funding reflects the support necessary for your daily living.

NDIS support provides the foundational services needed to handle your daily living tasks, help you participate in the community, and even teach you new skills. The goal is to help you live as independently as possible, helping you reach your goals and live life on your own terms. It’s designed to help you to steer your life in the direction you choose, with the NDIS as a reliable crew member on your voyage.

Yes, community participation is a vital part of the NDIS. Your plan can include support that helps you engage in social activities and maintain relationships. This might mean funding for a support worker to accompany you to events, classes to develop social skills, or transportation to get you to where the action is. It’s about helping you stay connected with your community, ensuring your social life is as rich and fulfilling as possible.

Should your needs increase, the NDIS provides a safety net. You can request a plan review at any time if there’s a significant change in your situation. It’s crucial to report these changes promptly so that your support and funding can be adjusted to match your new circumstances. This ensures that you continue to receive the necessary support for your daily activities and personal care without interruption.