NDIS support coordination

Life-changing support is within reach

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the NDIS? You’re not alone. It’s okay to feel a bit lost and worry about missing out on important help that could make a world of difference. You need someone who is clued in on everything. Someone who looks out for you and makes sure you get every bit of support you deserve.

NDIS support coordination helps you to take control and work your way through the system with confidence. With the right information and support, you can simplify the process, make smart decisions, and grab every opportunity to make your life a whole lot better.

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Looking for your perfect NDIS match?

Everyone tells you they can help, but it’s hard to find someone you can truly trust. You deserve a coordinator who matches you with providers who will listen, adapt, and help you in the best way possible.

You don’t have to figure out your NDIS plan alone. Your support coordinator will help you handle your plan, use NDIS systems the right way, and make sure you’re getting the most from your support to reach your goals.

Learn to manage

Your coordinator will break down your NDIS plan and show you how to use your funding to get the things you need.

Track your progress

They will keep an eye on how you're doing. They’ll check in with you and report back to the NDIS about your achievements and what you’ve done with your plan. Plus, if anything in your life changes and you need to adjust your plan, they'll be there to help you update it. 

Pick what works for you

Your coordinator helps you prepare for things that might pop up, like moving to a new house for example. That way, you can make decisions that are right for you.

Build confidence

They’ll help you feel more confident and independent by finding support options that fit you best. They’ll teach you to handle surprises and empower you to be in charge.

In simple terms, your support coordinator will help you call the shots when it comes to your NDIS plan, ensuring you can tackle unexpected challenges and take more control over your life.

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“Awesome NDIS provider. Very professional, honest, friendly, and compassionate support workers. They always go above and beyond the needs. Office keeps in touch and gets feedback and makes sure my needs are always met."

How does support coordination work?

NDIS support coordination service is all about helping you use your NDIS plan to reach your goals. You get to choose how you want your help to work. Understanding how tough times can affect you, your support coordinator will focus on helping you feel (and live) better. 

Here’s how it works.

Leave no benefit behind

Figuring out the NDIS system alone can be tricky. Without a guide, you could easily miss out on help that could make a big difference. Get the most of your NDIS plan and clear up any confusion with the help of a support coordinator. Stop guessing which way to go, and charge full steam ahead to the full range of options that can help you live life to the fullest.

Take charge of your NDIS plan

When you understand your NDIS plan well enough to make choices that brighten your future – that’s taking control.  That’s you choosing what’s best for you, with a clear idea of why. And with someone to help explain things, you’ll see all your options and know how they can help you. 
You are at the heart of this journey. Build your path with confidence, turning what you learn into decisions that lead to the future you want.

Live your best life

With guidance and the right support, your NDIS plan can help you get things going. Take the first step today.

Stand up for you

What if you had someone who’s all set to back you up? Support coordinators are your dedicated advocates whose sole focus is to make your voice heard and your needs are met by the NDIS. You’re never alone in figuring things out. You’ve got support every step of the way, making everything simpler.

Connect with a carer

Tell us what you need and one of our elves will help you get the support you need.

Get answers to your frequently asked questions about NDIS support coordination

What if my support coordinator doesn't get me?

It’s natural to worry about whether someone new will understand your unique situation and needs. Good support coordination is all about building a relationship where you feel heard and valued. A skilled coordinator takes the time to learn about you, your life, and your goals. They should ask lots of questions and listen carefully to your answers, showing they’re truly interested in getting to know you. 

If you ever feel like your coordinator isn’t quite on the same page, speak up. It’s okay to voice your concerns and ask for what you need. Remember, this journey is a partnership. Finding someone who truly clicks with you might take a bit of time, but it’s absolutely worth it for the support that feels just right.

Managing your NDIS budget is crucial, and it’s understandable to be cautious about costs. But support coordination is actually part of many NDIS plans. This means the funding comes from the NDIS itself, not out of your pocket for other support. 

When you meet with your planner or local area coordinator to discuss your plan, express how support coordination could help you achieve your goals. This way, it can be included in your plan from the start. 

Remember, having a support coordinator can also help you use your budget more efficiently, ensuring you get the most value from your funding.

The thought of handing over decision-making can be daunting. However, a true support coordinator’s role is to empower you, not to take over. They provide you with information, options, and advice so you can make informed choices. Your preferences, goals, and needs lead the way. The coordinator is just there to support your decisions and help put them into action. 

If you ever feel pressured, it’s important to communicate this. Your journey should be led by you, with your coordinator acting as a guide and advocate.

It might seem like a big task to find a support coordinator and start working together, especially when you’re already managing so much. However, the right support coordinator can actually save you time in the long run. They can help navigate the NDIS, connect you with services and support more efficiently, and assist in planning and paperwork. 

The initial time investment in finding a good match and setting up this relationship is worth the time you’ll save and the stress you’ll avoid down the road. Remember, this is about making your life easier and helping you focus more on your goals and less on the logistics of achieving them.

Communication is key. When you first meet with a potential coordinator, be open and honest about your concerns, needs, and goals. A good coordinator will listen and ask questions to ensure they fully understand your situation. Don’t hesitate to share your daily challenges, what you hope to achieve, and what’s most important to you. This openness helps build a strong foundation for your working relationship.

Absolutely. If you feel the relationship isn’t working, you have the right to seek a change. It’s important you feel comfortable and supported by your coordinator. Sometimes, despite best efforts, a change is necessary for a better fit. Your NDIS plan is flexible because they know the right support makes all the difference on your journey.

Start by identifying what’s most important to you in a support coordinator. Do you want someone with experience in a particular area? Or maybe a person who shares a similar background or understands specific challenges you face? 

Use this as a guide on your search. Many organisations offer support coordination, so review their profiles and ask for an initial meeting to see if they’re a good match. Recommendations from friends or community groups can also be invaluable.

It’s important to feel heard and respected when it comes to your NDIS plan. If you feel your decisions are not being respected, it’s important to express this directly to your support coordinator. If things don’t change, you may find a new coordinator who’s a better fit for you. Remember, this is your journey, and you deserve to feel empowered and supported at every step.

A support coordinator helps you understand the details of your NDIS plan and how to use it effectively to meet your goals. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, suggesting services and support you might not have considered. Plus, if your life changes, they’ll help you update your plan to keep things on track. With their guidance, you can make informed choices that maximise your plan’s potential, making your journey smoother and more fulfilling.