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Life skills are the skills that a person must possess in order to successfully live in today’s world. These skills include knowing how to be part of a team, manage your money, manage your time, live as part of a family, building relationships and effective communication.

Unfortunately, many people lack the necessary life skills to successfully thrive in their own lives. Therefore, the development of life skills for children and adults is vital to live independently in the community.


Learning communication skills is very important in order to function well in society. Communication is the most important component of life skills. After all; everything we do finds its basis in the way we communicate with ourselves and with others.

Communication includes how to manage anger or frustrating situations, how to communicate your needs, how to overcome obstacles, and how to deal with conflict. Learning the importance of using your body to communicate (body language) and how to ask questions with purpose and direction, are just as important.


Making friends and having relationships is an important life skill for children and adults. Knowing how to communicate with others and knowing the importance of loyalty and kindness in relationships, is imperative. Also, knowing how to identify an improper relationship is very important to children and adults who may not have learned how to discern between constructive and destructive relationships.

Managing Money

Being able to manage money is an important life skill that all teens and young adults and adults need to have. And ideally, they’ll start learning and practicing when they’re young. But certain learning and thinking differences can make managing money more challenging.

Can you, or your child, benefit from learning how to manage money?

Time Management

In order to successfully exist in society, time management is important. Time management tuition includes learning how to deal with stressful times during the day and organizing time, in general. Learning proper time management may include learning how to make lists, plan your day, and even your week ahead.

Changing States

For people with a disability, it is often difficult to remain calm, cool, and collected. The mind tends to move quickly and fears are common. There are simple techniques that can be learned to change a state quickly and effectively.