FAQ for Carers

Frequently Asked Questions

What does elvesCARE do?

elvesCARE is a registered NDIS service provider, delivering service for people with a disability who may require mental health support, behavioral change and/or in-home/community care in their area.

We cover the whole of Melbourne!


Our Registration Groups include:

0102 Assist Access/Maintain Employ
0106 Assist-Life Stage, Transition
0107 Assist-Personal Activities
0108 Assist-Travel/Transport
0115 Daily Tasks/Shared Living
0116 Innov Community Participation
0117 Development-Life Skills
0120 Household Tasks
0125 Participate Community
0126 Ex Phys Pers Training
0128 Therapeutic Supports
0136 Group/Centre Activities

Let’s face it! Disability care is something very personal and we do whatever we can to help you improve your life. So, we are not really different, but may just be the ‘right’ fit for you! We have a lovely team of support workers and health allied professionals.

That really depends on how many hours you want to work. It’s up to you!

That depends on the service you deliver to the client.

Depending on the service, the fees range from $30.- to $80 per hour.

How do I get paid?
elvesCARE support workers are paid when a shift has been booked, worked, and approved. Usually, our workers are paid fortnightly, unless required otherwise.  

If I incur expenses during an elvesCARE shift, what am I reimbursed for? In most instances, people seeking support will cover the cost of expenses incurred during a shift unless it is reasonable that the worker pays for themselves (by bringing or buying food for a routine meal, for example). For essential items like public transport or tickets to an event (where there is no companion card or a companion card is not accepted), the cost will be covered by the person seeking support. 

There are a few things that are required for all our employees.
1. A current first aid certificate
2. A current police check. It must be less than 3 years old from the date of issue (See for Victoria)
3. A current working with children check. WWC are state-based and required for all care workers offering services to children (See for Victoria)

4. A worker screening check is a must

In addition, it is helpful to have a driver’s licence and a car with fully comprehensive car insurance. On top of that, we put a high value on a mature and caring personality!

Once you are ready to join, please send your details to: admin@elvescare.com.au