Frequently asked questions…

What does elvesCARE do?

elvesCARE provides service for people with a disability, who may require mental health support, behavioral change and/or in-home/community care in their area.

What makes us different?

We offer a special program, Change 360. This program addresses all areas of your life. To find out more about this program, please click here.

How many hours do I work?

That really depends on how many hours you want to work.
It’s up to you!

How much can I earn?

That depends on the service you deliver to the client.

Depending on the service, the fees range from $30.- to $80 per hour.

How does payment work?

How do I get paid?
elvesCARE support workers are paid when a shift has been booked, worked, and approved. Usually, our workers are paid fortnightly, unless required otherwise.  

If I incur expenses during an elvesCARE shift, what am I reimbursed for? In most instances, people seeking support will cover the cost of expenses incurred during a shift unless it is reasonable that the worker pays for themselves (by bringing or buying food for a routine meal, for example). For essential items like public transport or tickets to an event (where there is no companion card or a companion card is not accepted), the cost will be covered by the person seeking support. 

What do I need to get started?

There are a few things that are required for all our employees.
1. A current first aid certificate
2. A current police check. It must be less than 3 years old from the date of issue (See for Victoria)
3. A current working with children check. WWC are state-based and required for all care workers offering services to children (See for Victoria)

In addition, it is helpful to have a driver’s license and a car with fully comprehensive car insurance. On top of that, we put a high value on a mature and caring personality!

Once you are ready to join, register here!